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Voluntary Public Takeover Offer of TKH Technologie Deutschland AG to the shareholders of Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft

You have accessed the website which contains documents and information in connection with the voluntary public takeover offer to the shareholders of Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft.

Shareholders of Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft are kindly requested to confirm that they have read the following legal information in order to access the website regarding the voluntary public takeover offer.

Important Legal Information
On 3 April 2012, TKH Technologie Deutschland AG (the "Offeror"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TKH Group NV, Spinnerstraat 15, 7480 AA Haaksbergen, the Netherlands, published its decision to make an offer to the shareholders of Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft (the "Augusta-Shareholders") to acquire their shares in Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft by way of a voluntary public takeover offer (the "Takeover Offer") pursuant to section 29 para. 1 of the German Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act (Wertpapiererwerbs- und Übernahmegesetz, "WpÜG").

On the following pages you will find the offer document as well as further information and publications in connection with the Takeover Offer pursuant to Section 29 (1) WpÜG. The Takeover Offer is made to all Augusta-Shareholders and refers to the acquisition of all issued shares in Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft, that are not already held by the Offeror.

All information contained on, or accessible through, this website is for information purposes as well as the purpose of complying with the provisions of the WpÜG in conjunction with the German ordinance on the contents of offer documents, the consideration payable in relation to takeover offers and mandatory offers, and exemptions from the obligation to publish and submit an offer (together the "German Takeover Law"), and with certain applicable tender offer rules under U.S. federal securities laws only. The information contained on this website and the documents accessible through this website are not for the purposes of the Offeror making any representations or entering into any other binding legal commitments. In particular, such information and documents do not constitute an offer to the Augusta-Shareholders to purchase, or an invitation to issue an offer to sell, shares in Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft. An offer to purchase shares in Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft is only made by publishing the offer document and is exclusively subject to its terms and conditions. To the extent legally permissible, TKH Technologie Deutschland AG reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Takeover Offer. Augusta-Shareholders are strongly advised to read and to review the offer document in detail, as well as all other relevant documents regarding the Takeover Offer at their earliest convenience after they are published, as these will contain important information, and to seek independent advice where appropriate in order to reach a reasoned decision in respect of the content of the offer document and the Takeover Offer itself.

The Takeover Offer is made solely pursuant to German law, in particular pursuant to the German Takeover Law, and in compliance with certain applicable tender offer rules under U.S. federal securities laws. The Offeror does not make the Takeover Offer under any other jurisdiction than the Federal Republic of Germany. Other than in the Federal Republic of Germany, no further registrations, authorisations or approvals of the Takeover Offer have been procured, granted or applied for. The Offeror and the persons acting in concert with the Offeror pursuant to section 2 para 5 WpÜG therefore do not assume any responsibility for compliance with any laws other than those of the Federal Republic of Germany and certain U.S. federal securities laws. Thus, Augusta-Shareholders cannot rely on the application of any other laws protecting investors.

Augusta-Shareholders in the U.S. should be aware that the Takeover Offer is being made for securities of a non-U.S. company and should carefully review the "Important Information for United States Shareholders" section in the offer document for important differences between the Takeover Offer and offers made for securities of U.S. companies.

If any announcements or information on this website contain forward-looking statements, such statements do not represent facts and are characterised by words such as "expect", "believe", "estimate", "intend", "aim", "assume" or similar expressions. Such statements express the intentions, opinions or current expectations and assumptions of the Offeror and the persons acting in concert with the Offeror pursuant to section 2 para. 5 WpÜG, for example with regard to the potential consequences of the Takeover Offer for Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft, for those Augusta-Shareholders who choose not to accept the Takeover Offer or for future financial results of Augusta Technologie Aktiengesellschaft. Such forward-looking statements are based on current plans, estimates and forecasts which the Offeror and the persons acting in concert with the Offeror pursuant to section 2 para. 5 WpÜG have made to the best of their knowledge, but which do not claim to be correct in the future. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict and usually cannot be influenced by the Offeror or the persons acting in concert with the Offeror pursuant to section 2 para. 5 WpÜG. It should be kept in mind that actual events or consequences may differ materially from those contained in or expressed by such forward-looking statements.